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Schauen Sie sich hier unsere medXchange-Patientendossier als Video an, einen Teil der Gesamt-Applikation

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medXchange: world wide, 24-hour access to electronic health records

Press Release International Congress, Zuerich 28.8.00

Increasing globalization as well as personal and professional mobility increase the need for a concise and consistently updated documentation of an individual's health history. This has to go hand in hand with the latest state-of-the-art means of information technology to ensure medical and local independence without loss of any data. A continuous, uninterrupted collection of the health history will make additional consultations and associated extra costs in the health sector obsolete.

The idea of medXchange is to provide a continuous, direct and portable (cd-rom or floppy and internet-based) access of reviewed and compressed patient health data. Highly important when for example traveling or moving to a new location without having the risk of losing or missing any cruicial information. medXchange service and documentation is based on data, that have been established by each indiviuals doctor and/or all other health professionals. Their diagnosis and competence will not be challenged.

The documentation has to be understood as a direct and general service for the patient. medxchange is an existing, functioning E-Health Service that is already established in Europe and our goal is to expand the medXchange doctor membership network worldwide. (Hubs in UK USA and D already)

By using all modern tools of the internet, E-Health will make a dramatical change on how we practise medicine in the future.
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