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medXchange Optic Card is launched by SBAO and CIBA Vision

Zurich, Switzerland, 10 September 2002

Schweizerische Berufsverband für Augenoptik und Optometrie, SBAO, (Swiss Association of Optometry) made the medXchange Optic Card available through its 900 member opticians in early September 2002. The Optic Card "electronic optical passport" contains a complete medical eyesight documentation as well as relevant medical information of the individual. This information is provided by both the ophthalmologist and the optician and ensures wearers of eye glasses and contact lenses a complete record of their eye care that is always available.

The Optic Card is launched in Switzerland, Germany and Austria and is initially provided on CD-ROM. It can also be made available through the medXchange online Integrated Electronic Medical Record (IEMR) database that is accessible worldwide through secure Internet connections.

The Optic Card also contains specialized eyesight treatment and medical information and relevant Internet links for the optician and the ophthalmologist. This provides both the ophthalmologist and optician with "single click" product and treatment information adapted and relevant to his customer / patient.

Mr. Duddek, President of SBAO believes the Optic Card will provide valuable customer eyesight and treatment information to opticians allowing them to provide a higher quality service. The Optic Card is especially relevant for wearers of contact lenses and individuals suffering from eyesight related diseases and discomfort.

The Optic Card allows manufacturers of eyeglasses, contact lenses and eyesight related products and medications to provide the latest and accurate product and treatment information. According to Mr. Helmer Schweizer, Head Professional and Marketing Services, CIBA Vision International, the Optic Card provides an innovative approach and a major breakthrough in providing meaningful product and treatment information that is tailored to the needs of the individual. This will save tremendous time for opticians and ophthalmologist in researching for individualized explanations of conditions, products and treatments.

medXchange, www.medXchange.org enables the rationalization of healthcare by giving physicians and healthcare professionals immediate access to a total spectrum of patient information and documentation. A number of centralized databases and applications support the physician in Evidence Based Medicine, EBM, Therapy Planning and Case - Disease Management. By reducing unnecessary and costly medical examinations and tests, hospitalization and delays in treatment, medXchange makes possible faster and better medical care for the individual while delivering substantial savings to those who fund and provide healthcare.

SBAO, Schweizerische Berufsverband für Augenoptik und Optometrie, www.sbao.ch, is the association of professional opticians with a Swiss Federal optician diploma or recognized foreign equivalent. It promotes the profession along the guidelines of the World Councils of Optometry WCO as well as setting its own professional standards and guidelines for Switzerland.

CIBA Vision, www.cibavision.com
CIBA Vision was established in 1980 as a diversification effort of Ciba-Geigy's USA Pharmaceutical Division. In 1996, Ciba-Geigy merged with Sandoz to form Novartis, the world's leading life sciences company, and CIBA Vision became the eye care unit of Novartis.
In 1980, CIBA Vision entered the soft contact lens market. Through innovation, strategic acquisition and an ability to quickly meet market developments and emerging technologies, CIBA Vision has grown from a start-up to a company with more than $1 billion in sales.
CIBA Vision's rapid growth has been achieved by understanding the needs of our customers - practitioners, consumers, and trade partners - and delivering innovative, superior solutions to them. Our success has been driven by a talented, progressive team of more than 7,000 associates who see challenges and opportunities in new and different ways.
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