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medXchange demonstrates a wide variety of applications and interfaces - eHealthCare.ch 02 Congress, University Irchel Zurich 3 to 4 October 2002

Zurich, Switzerland, 23 September 2002

In the opening address of the eHealthCare.ch 02 congress, Chuck Saunders, President Global Industry Group EDS Healthcare, addresses some of the most important issues facing healthcare delivery systems.
  • Productivity of clinical staff
  • Reduction in medical errors
  • Accurate and complete reimbursement for services
eHealthCare.ch 02 gives an overview of the present "State of the Art" providing insights into approaching solutions and an outlook for future trends.

medXchange will demonstrate how the Health and Medical Information services are used by physicians in consulting their patients as well as demonstrate state of the art healthcare applications and interfaces. The first electronic Optic Card and Dental Card, which are currently being commercialized in Switzerland, will be shown on-line and distributed on CD-ROM. Interfaces to secure SmartCard access keys, online bio-sensors and medical practice management systems will be demonstrated in a medical practice environment.

The medXchange Optic Card "electronic optical passport" contains a complete medical eyesight documentation as well as relevant medical information of the individual. This information is provided by both the ophthalmologist and the optician and ensures wearers of eye glasses and contact lenses a complete record of their eye care that is always available.

The medXchange Dental Card "electronic passport for dental care" has complete documentation including photographs, scans and X-rays of your dental care. It also has dental imprint, implant and dental material information. The dentist and dental technician can be much more efficient and can provide a higher quality dental care with the combination of the Dental Card and access to implant and treatment information adapted to the needs of the patient.

The Herz Handy® (Heart Mobile Phone from Vitaphone- a bio-sensor- by PD Dr.S.Sack ) transmit cardiology data directly into their Service Center and into the medXchange Integrated Electronic Medical Record (IEMR). This gives medical experts at call centers immediate world wide access on a 24 hour basis to complete and up-to-the-minute medical data of patients with heart disease.

Mr. Matthias Quinger states that the combination of the Vitaphone Herz Handy® and the medXchange Health and Medical Information Management services provide a unique and innovative approach to providing high quality care to heart disease patients.

The medXchange interface to the Vitodata medical practice system will be demostrated showing how patient documents and information from the physicians system can be transferred to the Integrated Electronic Medical Record with a "mouse click". Vitodata is the largest provider of medical informatics software and medical practice systems in Switzerland.

E-prica demonstrates how the Health SmartCard can be used as "electronic key" by both patients and healthcare professionals to access the medXchange health and medical information management service and the Integrated Electronic Medical Record (IEMR) of the individual. Total security and confidentiality of the individual's health and medical documentation is provided ensuring that only authorized healthcare professionals may access the data with consent of the individual.

Dr. med. dent. Robert Kalla will demonstrate the medXchange Dental Card “electronic passport for dental care” that has complete documentation including photographs, scans and X-rays of your dental care. Dr. Kalla will also demonstrate the medXchange Dental Register, which contains complete information on dental implants and tracks the dental implants in each patient. The dentist and dental technician can be much more efficient and can provide a higher quality dental care with the combination of the Dental Card and access to implant and treatment information adapted to the needs of the patient.

medXchange, www.medxchange.org enables the rationalization of healthcare by giving physicians immediate access to a total spectrum of patient information and documentation. A number of centralized databases and applications support the physician in Evidence Based Medicine, EBM, Therapy Planning and Case - Disease Management. The first versions of the medXchange products and services were operational with the Electronic Medical Records in 1998. By reducing unnecessary and costly medical examinations and tests, hospitalization and delays in treatment, medXchange makes possible faster and better medical care for the individual while delivering substantial savings to those who fund and provide healthcare.
Contact, info@medxchange.org ,
Tel: +41 (0)1 212 44 46, Fax: +41 (0)1 212 44 45

eHealthCare.ch 02, www.eHealthcare.ch is supported by the University of Zurich, the Swiss Academy of Medical Sciences, Swiss Medical Association FMH, and major healthcare industry organizations and companies. There are 12 symposiums over 2 days covering almost every aspect of e-health and tele-medicine.

Vitaphone, www.vitaphone.ch specializes in innovative tele-medicine solutions for remote diagnostics. The Herz Handy® or "Heart Mobile Phone" is the first of a series of products with bio-sensors to provide instant remote diagnostics of patients.

Vitodata, www.vitodata.ch specializes in information technology solutions for healthcare. Established since 1980 it counts amongst its customers hospitals, clinics, medical institutes and practice based physicians. Vitodata is the foremost supplier in Switzerland of information and practice management solutions to the healthcare industry and physicians.

e-prica, www.e-prica.com is a joint venture of Galenica and Kudelski. It is a Swiss electronic identification and data security system based on a SmartCard "electronic key". e-prica manages the secure data transfer between healthcare professionals and healthcare institutions as well as the secure access to individual health and medical data.

Dr. med. dent. Robert Kalla, www.kalla.ch is one of the leading dentists in Switzerland. His dental practice is equipped with the latest technology and handles a complete range of dental treatments.
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