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medXperts second opinion medical consultants integrate the medXchange health and medical information management service

Zurich, Switzerland, 10 September 2002

medXperts provide second opinion medical consulting in Gynecology (150 medical consultants), Dermatology (2 medical consultants), Nephrology (2 medical consultants) and Oncology (1 medical consultant). medXperts use the medXchange health and medical information management services and the web based Integrated Electronic Medical Record (IEMR) to exchange sensitive and confidential medical information with the patient and other healthcare professionals.

medXperts is a new powerful tool for physicians to consult experts in different fields with the use of internet technology. However, it also serves as a new learning tool for physicians since all individual disease templates on the medXchange platform are supported by a database with information about the particular factors or parameters of the individual patient.

medXchange adapts the Health and Medical Information Management service to the requirements of physicians and medical experts to assist them in Evidence Based Medicine (EBM) and case – disease management of their patients. Templates and links to external medical databases and treatment and medication information are tailored to the profile of the patient thereby avoiding long medical research and an overload of information for the physician.

Dr. med. Ossi R. Köchli, Medical Director, President and Chief Executive Officer of medXperts states that consulting is dependent on the following factors:
  • Complete information about the history of the patient.
  • Information about the examination of the patient.
  • Information about the exact problem and actual question.
  • Fast access to an expert or a panel of experts.
  • Fast access to the medical literature.
The medXchange Health and Medical Information Management service meets the criteria of medXperts to deliver high quality and confidential consulting services around the world.

The medXperts second opinion service is currently operational and available in Switzerland, Germany and Austria. Based on the success to date in Gynecology, the medXperts service will be expanded in other specialties and extended throughout Europe over the next 1 to 2 years.

medXchange, www.medxchange.org enables the rationalization of healthcare by giving physicians immediate access to a total spectrum of patient information and documentation. A number of centralized databases and applications support the physician in Evidence Based Medicine, EBM, Therapy Planning and Case - Disease Management. By reducing unnecessary and costly medical examinations and tests, hospitalization and delays in treatment, medXchange makes possible faster and better medical care for the individual while delivering substantial savings to those who fund and provide healthcare.

medXperts, www.medxperts.org. Most physicians treating patients are busy and information is usually required very fast. Nowadays many databases are available on the internet. However, it is not easy to find the right information in reasonable time even using search engines on the internet. What a physician really wants is fast access to an expert's opinion.

That's why medXperts established a system that allows fast communication through a central unit that is located in Switzerland.

All incoming demands are collected in the central unit and distributed to the individual experts. The answers are sent back respectively are made available to the requesting physician through the central unit within 24 to 48 hours.

All requests that are sent to medXperts are collected anonymously, coordinated and forwarded to the different scientific board members with the help of the central coordination unit.
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