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medXchange Medical Dental Register is launched

Zurich, Switzerland, 24 September 2002

Dr. med. dent R. Kalla has put the medXchange Medical Register for dental implant products into operation as of October 2002. The Dental Register contains complete information on dental implants and tracks the dental implants in each patient. Dr. Kalla said that the dentist and dental technician can be much more efficient and can provide a higher quality dental care with the combination of the medXchange Dental Card and access to implant and treatment information that is adapted to the needs of the patient.

Dr. med. J Kell, CEO of medXchange, plans to follow the Dental Register with registers for most medical implant products before the end of 2002. This includes registers for Cardiology, Nephrology, Orthopedics and Ophthalmology and covers products such as pacemakers, insulin pumps, artificial hip implants, hearing aids and contact lenses. The Medical Register gives detailed characteristics and descriptions of each implant product and tracks each implanted product throughout its life. Combined with the medXchange Integrated Electronic Medical Record (IEMR) the physician and medical device manufacturer have a complete profile of the patient and the effects and effectiveness of the implant. This will greatly improve the quality, efficiency and effectiveness of medical implant procedures.

According to Dr. Kell, there is an enormous requirement to have an accurate online Medical Register of medical implant products for the human body that is secure and easily accessible by physicians and healthcare professionals. The manufacturers of medical implant products also have an urgent need to track each product implanted in a patient and be able to follow the implant throughout its life.

In Switzerland there are over 200,000 dental implants inserted annually and over 50,000 orthopedic implants carried out annually.

medXchange, www.medxchange.org enables the rationalization of healthcare by giving physicians immediate access to a total spectrum of patient information and documentation. A number of centralized databases and applications support the physician in Evidence Based Medicine, EBM, Therapy Planning and Case - Disease Management. By reducing unnecessary and costly medical examinations and tests, hospitalization and delays in treatment, medXchange makes possible faster and better medical care for the individual while delivering substantial savings to those who fund and provide healthcare.
Contact, info@medxchange.org ,
Tel: +41 (0)1 212 44 46, Fax: +41 (0)1 212 44 45

Dr. med. dent. Robert Kalla, www.kalla.ch is one of the leading dentists in Switzerland. His dental practice is equipped with the latest technology and handles a complete range of dental treatments.
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