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J. Kell
medXchange Inc., Switzerland

An innovative patient centralized application has been developed by doctors for doctors and patients. It is based on a secure platform, which is interfaced with a user-friendly graphical interface. The application of MedXchange (www.medxchange.org) enable information related to medical metadata to be exchanged borderless between health professionals, who have be given specific access rights from the patient.
The application, which is operated in collaboration with a well-established Swiss Trust Center, enables data to be exchanged in real time, worldwide, 24h/24 and 7d/d. Technical interoperability with all worldwide existing IT-systems is realized by using the ReFiT(R) migration conponents Meta Data Mapping and WebSynchronizer from wpms and MDES from Tiani.

A sound balance between technology push and market pull has been a key aspect of the vision for the development of this application initiated some 10 years ago as a pioneering work to overcome barriers related to the non-availability of information to make best medical decision in any urgent cases, such as an accident of an individual. Consequently, the conceptual architecture has been defined in order to cover market needs with efficiency. Technology maturity has been achieved over a few years relying on an industrial perspective, backed-up with professional medical expertise, informatics competencies and close links with field applications.

The platform features logical interoperability, that is to say a logical structure which matches the culture, the semantics and the habits of caregivers. Practical use of the platform does show how successful is the translation of medical procedures in the MedXchange application. The potential of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) has been used in a very appropriate manner to create a database of medical metadata.

Access to an updated medical database can be made in real time from anywhere at anytime. Networking of caregivers at national or international, e.g. European, levels calls for multi-lingual use of IEHR. The genuine platform of MedXchange has therefore been extended for operation in English, German or French.

One of the powerful features of the application stems from the choice of metadata concerning medical, pharmaceutical data and laboratory results of medical exams. Only metadata, which are relevant for decision making, are extracted from trustworthy sources such as local files of GPs (general practitioners), specialists or hospitals. The obvious advantage is that the system is not overloaded by information which has relevance only at the time where it has been captured in a specific context (e.g. day-to-day blood pressure variations after a surgery).

The core of MedXchange platform is IEHR. The related technology can be considered as an enabling technology, since a number of applications can be contemplated. Disease management, case management, implant register management are just a few. Actually, the proprietary technology of MedXchange has a huge potential to support, with limited delta development, medical decision making and health management as far as the need arises to come up rapidly and efficiently with solutions to solve problems appearing in the field.

In summary, the MedXchange platform for IEHR is not only a valuable asset to support eHealth and EBM (evidence based medicine), but also an innovative tool which provides a highly relevant contribution of the added-value chain of eHealth.

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