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MedXchange IEHR platform as one master piece for future healthcare needs

April 2009

A mega-trend for gaining acceptance of eHealth by caregivers and patients consists of an easy way to get real-time medical data, which are relevant for medical decision making. Therefore Integrated Electronic Health Record (IEHR) is key, provided that its availability through the Internet is secure and can be trusted. Since the medical data belong to the patient, he has therefore to give access rights to his eDossier to his general practitioner (GP), medical specialists and possibly other caregivers. Patient empowerment is one of the assets of eHealth. Self monitoring of health by measuring parameters, e.g. for blood pressure or insulin, is one of the features that an integrated health system should comprise.

MedXchange IEHR web-based platform has been developed since 10+ years by doctors for doctors and patients. The pioneering work has now reached a maturity level since a couple of years. Up-to-date medical data, including metadata and digital documents, can be accessed from anywhere at anytime 24h/24, 7d/7. Confidentiality is ensured by a Swiss Trust center.

In contrast with confused eHealth approaches reflecting superficial analysis of real market needs, MedXchange IEHR platform is supported by a crystal-clear architectural concept. This proprietary software and algorithms represent a high-quality tool, with which a large variety of medical services can be developed. Applications are ranging from disease management to case management, manage care, shared decision or medical implant registers. In order to cover specific requirements of customers, the software can be easily modified, if the need arises.

A particular strength which is worthwhile to mention is the usability of the innovative platform. Usability is given by three genuine characteristics. First its logical interoperability, that is to say the IEHR is structured in such a way that it reflects the manner to think of physicians, their semantics and their culture. Secondly the usability for caregivers and patients is extremely good, due to the fact that an easy-to-use intuitive multilingual graphical interface has been implemented: any user of a PC is rapidly quite familiar how to handle – write, read, erase – data or documents according to predefined rules reflecting in particular his rights. Thirdly, the eDossier is just focused on relevant data, which have been extracted under the responsibility of caregivers from exhaustive data files, which are stored where they have been created. The relevant data area actually imported in a central repository. Cryptographic algorithms are implemented in order to protect privacy of the eDossier. This approach has the advantage to get rid of unnecessary data, which could pose a problem for storage and preventing their rapid reading.

In summary, MedXchange delivers a powerful and immediately usable solution for IEHR. This turn-key platform can be easily implemented for providing health services, with service providers such as the Swiss Post Services (SPS), which has made the decision to play an active role at national and international level in the added-value chain of eHealth

More information about MedXchange innovative product can be found on the Internet (www.ehealthnews.eu/content/view/1378/26/).

MedXchange Inc. is a medical Competence Center located in Zurich, Switzerland, which is involved in eHealth since 10+ years (www.medxchange.org).

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